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ImanitySpigot 3 - The Experimental Version Releases
Started by LeeGod

Welcome Everyone!🔥

It has been a while since ImanitySpigot3 first announced. Today we are happy to introduce that ImanitySpigot3 is fully prepared and now we are here to release the first experimental version!

Please read this page completely before you start using ImanitySpigot3 experimental version. This page contains everything to help you get started and what you must know.


> ImanitySpigot 3

So here, let us introduce you what exactly is ImanitySpigot3
ImanitySpigot3 is a completely recoded from
scratch version of ImanitySpigot, It contains amazing new features and clean codes compared to old ImanitySpigot

There is 5 Main features that makes ImanitySpigot3 a lot different then any other spigot in existen:

  1. The only Asynchronous Chunk Generation Spigot fork in 1.8
  2. Natively Supported Java 8 - Java 16
  3. Well Designed Knockback System That covered Simple usage to Advanced Designers
  4. Much More Extensive APIs made your Developer Life much easier DOCS
  5. Advanced World Modification System, Modify your world without TerrainControl

These are main features, Of course that means there are a LOT more features! wanted to look more details? check HERE


> Why Recode from scratch?

ImanitySpigot Project has been started since June 2019, During these period, New developers joined, Old developers left. And at that moment the team wasn't very experienced, Code was ugly, No proper patch management. So We believe recoding it is better choice.


> How do I start using the Experimental version?

There are some changes you will need to notice first before updating.

  1. APIs are revamped. If your server or plugins somehow used the API from ImanitySpigot3, please check our API documentation and made your plugin compatible first.
  2. Configurations are also being revamped, You will need to re-configure Imanity Related Configurations before using it. All required files will be stored in the imanity folder.
  3. This version called Experimental version, which means it's NOT stable release. We are NOT responsible if there is any issue occurs on your production server. So we don't recommend you to try it on your production server unless you think it's fine.


1. Get your ImanitySpigot3 License

ImanitySpigot3 License is not shared with old ImanitySpigot. To get a license, first you need a license on old ImanitySpigot. If you do, you can directly sending a Private Message to @Raisensu#6662, and use the command !transform ispigot3, and the Bot should create a license based on your old license.


2. Get Rancha (New version of launcher) JAR

Rancha is a newly designed launcher of ImanitySpigot3, to get the JAR, you can directly sending a Private Message to @Raisensu#6662, and use the command !dl ispigot3 and you should be able to download the JAR.

Example of getting launcher jar file

> Other Changes

There is quite a lot of changes beside ImanitySpigot3 it self.

First if you didn't notice, Yes, we now have a brand new Website! In the future we will be using forums to announce Updates, Changes, Addons, Knockback profiles, and More resources!

You can also register an account here to ask questions or provide Suggestions!

Second, we now have a documentation site that included most of the knowledge you may want to know about Imanity or ImanitySpigot3! Check out HERE

Third, WE NO LONGER accept anything related to Bug Reports, Crash Reports, or Feature Request for ImanitySpigot3 in Ticket! From now on every of our product will have it own Github Issue Tracker. If you have ANY bug, crash or feature request for ImanitySpigot3 you can report it HERE


That's basically it today!

We apologize for for long period of update time, But thanks to the time, We are able to provide you the new and the best update possible!


@LeeGod, @Whizyyy - Developer of ImanitySpigot3
@LeeGod,@Whizyyy, @bEaN - Documentation
@bEaN - System Management
@thirsty - Knockback Profile Designs
@Kydaix, @Blob, @Ghast, @Mixha, @SnailGaming - Internal Tester Team

<p>I love StackOverflow</p> <p>Also Roxy my waifu</p>

pog 🎉

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