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🎃🎃SPOOKY SPOOKY HALLOWEEEN🎃🎃 - Halloween Sales 30% OFF!
Started by bean

Halloween Sales Banner

Hello all the Spookers🎃,

It's been a while, hasn't it? We're back with a brand new sales because of Halloween!

Read on below for a full list of details about this sales, more info about current state of ImanitySpigot 3 and some news for ImanitySpigot 2! 

There are no sales left! (unfortunate if you missed the sale... be fast next time!)


▶ How to get the 30% OFF Halloween sales?
(The basic requirement is you're a pumpkin and if you have more than 31 candies after Trick or Tre... Ah... Well, I was just kidding.)

The Halloween sales will start at Sun, 31 Oct 2021 and will end on Sat, 6 Nov 2021.
The discount code can only be used 5 times! Get ready to wake up and fight for discounts!

Ah. Remember to use HALLOWEEN-2021 as the coupon code before you checkout!

What are you waiting for? Visit our shop to buy it now!



▶ What next?

We are proud to announce that the official release of ImanitySpigot 3 will be coming really soon! Hope you're ready to see this happen! 🎉
If you have not yet upgraded to ImanitySpigot 3 take a look to our thread!



▶ News about ImanitySpigot 2

After a long time of consideration we finally decided what to do with ImanitySpigot 2.

ImanitySpigot 2 will be completely removed on Sun, 1 May 2022. This means you will no longer be able to use ImanitySpigot 2 after it is removed.
Please consider updating to ImanitySpigot 3 as soon as possible before version 2 removed.

We will still support ImanitySpigot 2 before it is removed. However, we will only answer related questions and will not continue to make updates, feature suggestions, etc.
Please consider updating to ImanitySpigot 3 as soon as possible before version 2 removed.



Again, massive thank you to you all supporting Imanity Software! <3


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ayo Spookers!

<p>I love StackOverflow</p> <p>Also Roxy my waifu</p>