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ImanityPracticeAddon [3.2]

The addon to switch knockback profile kit by kit automatic!

ImanityPracticeAddon - Plugin (Bukkit)

This addon targets our special customers that have a public Practice plugin but need a kit-specific knockback profile system. In order to use this addon you have to purchase ImanitySpigot3 and run it on your server

This plugin is for our clients that are using know Practice plugins. If you are a developer and you want to create your custom plugin for it, or others thing related to ImanitySpigot3, you can just use our API!

Current Practice Plugins Support by ImanitySpigot3:

You can submit a request to us to support more practice plugins, we would integrate those plugins as soon as possible if they have a public API released or included in the plugin file.

What is ImanitySpigot

You can find all the information about ImanitySpigot, as well as a link to the Discord server by clicking on this link.

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Coming soon

How to install

  1. Download the jar here
  2. Drag it in your /plugins folder
  3. Start your server
  4. Configure the plugin in the /plugins/ImanityPracticeAddon/config.yml file
  5. Enjoy the plugin!

How to build (developers)

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run mvn clean install
  3. Setup dependencies (You have to find the one of the practice plugins yourself because they are often plugins that do not have a public API)
  4. Plugin compiled!


Plugin under MIT License.


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First Release
18 Apr 2023
Last Release
18 Apr 2023
Knockback Plugins
Version 3.2
18 Apr 2023, 05:29